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    I can't believe there isn't a bigger stink over this. Or, are there not that may Palm Pre Plus owners out there? Anyways, I contacted both Palm and Verizon Wireless about this issue. Palm says it's Verizon's issue and Verizon says "they are unaware of any issues regarding this matter.

    I talked to tech support at Verizon and told them, anytime I connect to Wifi, My "EV" Logo disappears and therefore, I'm unable to send and receive any text of pictures messages. What I think appears to be happenin,g is anytime you turn on Wifi, it show how turns off Verizon's "EV" network which is their data network, which allows the text/picture messages to come through.

    Hopefully, the 1.4 update will address this issue. If not, all you Palm Pre Plus users, lets get our voices heard..
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    it's suppose to fix this issue ur having I think I'm not sure, ur not the only one with this problem though lots of other people have posted threads about this issue.
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    I can't receive MMS over WiFi on my Sprint Pre either...I just assumed it was a limitation of the carrier.

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