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    Spanish pre in australia here, downloadin'.
    For now: Nexus One | iPad 2
    When avail. in Aus: Pre3 16GB | Touchpad 16GB

    This is a forum for WebOS enthusiasts. It is not a place for negative rants about Palm, HP or WebOS.
    Criticism is important but so is a positive environment. Remember, we're here because we love WebOS.
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    all the people who were crying all night and went to bed are gonna be ****ed. Missed it by ten minutes. I guess that guys mommy was credible afterall
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    oh by the way, sprint user, san diego
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    "your phone is up to date" - no it's not! I know there is a new version out there! Please give it to me!
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    hang tight it's on it's way
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    hang tight it's on it's way. Download time is super long ten minutes already. This almost worse than waiting for the update itself. I did say almost.
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    Yes I know. Palm did post "It is now available" on their Facebook page like 40 minutes ago though so I'd think it should be then
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    Nothing yet in Germany...(besides the free Monopoly and Sims 3 apps)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    Nothing yet in Germany...(besides the free Monopoly and Sims 3 apps)
    Same in UK....
    Also got Need for Speed free
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    its here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:53am
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    not trying to rub it in but there is definitely many needed fixes and additions in this update. Not to mention the video recording and editing. Everything seems slightly faster as well.
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    Just woke up to a sunny day in Ireland and 1.4 ready to download!
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    17:49 in Manila, at last the upgrade's arrived. downloading 1.4 now
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    Didn't have to wait until Feb. 29th, 30th or 31st. 34 of 37 patches updated successfully with AUPT! 1,000 times better than having to clear pateches and reinstall one by one.

    Terrific job Palm. EVen got decent video in dark, dank bar atmosphere.

    Glad to be home to recharge. Update took a big toll on the battery.
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    I let the phone update last night.
    Took about 15 minutes after the unpacking (about 2AM)
    Video is awesome.
    It's a shame but that's all I really wanted...LOL

    AND you can text or email the vid
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