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    penguins lol
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    i just can't wait to see the quality of the video. It looked pretty crisp for a phone from the pics earlier.. i kno were all going to see firsthand later... but .. but .. but

    I want THAT GOLDEN EGG.. and i want it now! :P
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    haha I just changed my time to 330 pm in on west coast to see if I could trick my phone and get the update it didn't work
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    I'm thinking there may be a 10 MB limit on the upload feature?
    There's a longer version (first try) which is 17 MB which failed.
    I had to copy that to my netbook first and then upload it.

    The shorter version (uploaded straight from my Pre) is here as well (still uploading):

    I'm off now.
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    Thanks for identifying the trees.
    Great to see and thanks for the thrill ride tonight.

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    Hell yeah! Thanks for the video
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    thank you
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    Hey just note:
    Youtube quality stinks compared to what you see on the Pe.
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    Amazing. Youtube usually takes a while to further encode the quality of the video.

    I know with my HD uploads it takes hours for it to go from 320p to 720p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Which animal do you think I have chained up here doing all the Preware updates lately ...

    -- Rod
    Well I can only guess you and Tomi have become best of friends by now, that is if you didn't already have 1.4 maybe like a week and a half ago or something. Good to see that people are working together and making WebOS shine through behind all the other up and coming platforms. It still surprises me when people ask me what type of phone I'm holding in my hand. All people hear these days is iPhone, hopefully the Pre can come out and knock all those iPhone users out. Good job to everybody working on improving WebOS. Not a developer or anything like that myself, just an average college student up at 3:30 in the morning doing homework, which I can't even do because I'm so caught up in all this 1.4 business, but I would still like to thank everyone. Thanks again.
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    Funny it went from 2 views to 37views in less then 30 seconds hahahah.
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    I clicked on that link above to Sprint and got this...

    "The page you requested cannot be found.
    You may have used an outdated link or typed the address incorrectly. We’ve been making improvements to this site and the page might have been relocated or undergone a change. Did you try using Search? Use the search box above to enter your word(s). Or try one of the links below in the footer.

    Go to home"

    Silly website...I am home
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    Wowsers! Your vid looks pretty nice for being taken from a phone.

    I am impressed!
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    A lot of "Palm"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prelude Ron View Post
    Funny it went from 2 views to 37views in less then 30 seconds hahahah.
    haha i noticed that too
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    wow thanks !
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    I watched the video almost 6 times already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Hey just note:
    Youtube quality stinks compared to what you see on the Pe.
    yea i was going to say i was a little disappointed with quality but its probably somewhat youtube encoding also.... thanks for having taken the time to do all that you did for us preeks lol
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    i think the quality is allright, no need to complain about it
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    Have you tried a flash site yet? according to the changelog flash 10.1 support is included in the 1.4 update?

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