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    Alright, I was just telling a friend that the Palm Pre is a decent phone but has some quirks. I should have kept my mouth shut.

    I was listening to some tunes, then a song started to skip/repeat. The phone seized, then reset. It came back up to a default screen saver, my contacts, wi-fi, bluetooth settings were still there. Everything else - gone! It wiped out all music and apps. I know that music, apps, and photos are not part of the normal backup process.

    I am trying to reload my apps, and usually it shows the app catalog with a small download arrow for those apps I already purchased and downloaded. This time - all apps are gone, and old apps that I have previously purchases are requiring me to repurchase. ***?

    I start to love the Pre, then something happens and makes me want to chuck it.

    Any ideas on how to get my apps back that I previously purchased? It's like my "app history" is gone.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
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