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    I'm not sure they're going to leak anything too soon, just imagine if they leaked a product now that will be available later in the summer. No one would buy a pre/pixi now until the new product came out and if they made the pre 2 exclusive to sprint then Verizon would basically stop trying to sell the pre plus (not like they have really tried yet) because they know they have the inferior device. It's tricky, I would really like to see a new product now, but it's really risky as a business point of view.
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    they should change it to cb4 casue that was great
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    i hope it comes out sooner rather than later. a couple months before my current contract is up
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    It's great they showing a lil bit to the public but not to much as to show the compition what they up to. Smart move. Just to show us there is still a future.
    I think they should include an SD slot but also have about 32 gigs of internal memory. For app storage and other things. That way they don't have they same problem android is having with app storage and 3D gaming.
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