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    Hello, ok so today I checked the updates and noticed that there was an update available for 1.3.5 (i think) so I choose it and downloaded it. Everything went well until I noticed after about 15 minutes the screen was blank (it was on but nothing came up). So I held the power button down to try to reset it, this did not work. It just sat at the blank screen.So I pulled the battery and restarted it. So now all it does is just sit at the PALM logo and it randomly disappears (fading a reddish color) and then pops back up. It seems as if it is trying to boot the OS but it hangs. THis is all it does regardless of how many times I pull the battery. I do not know what to do. I bought this Palm Pre Plus off someone on ebay and it is basically new. Before this update it was fine. this update seemed to mess things up somehow and I cannot recover it. Please advise me what to do. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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    take it to the doctor.

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