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    I had to doctor back to 1.2.1, then update to to get my pre functional again. now everything is working as planned, but my contacts, which are hundreds strong, are jacked up. The list is there, but I can't access any of them; it just returns me to the contacts list. When I try to search, it says, lolwut you gots no contacs ftw! even though the list is completely full.

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    Please, somebody help. I just re-linked my google account, and those contacts are there, but "stupid me" I trusted the Palm Profile and the majority of my important contacts were stored there. When i check that account in the contacts, it says, Palm Profile, 0 contacts. I'm in a really difficult situation right now, and I really need to access these numbers.
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    If you do a partial erase, sign back into your palm profile they will be restored.
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    I had a similar problem where I lost all of my contacts and when I tried to sign into my palm profile, my profile only had three contacts in it!!! It should have been a couple hundred. Well after calling Palm, they figured something out where I got everything back. They also gave me a Touchstone for the inconvenience. Not to mention that I had to re-link all of the dag gone contacts with each other with respect to AOL Instant Messenger names.

    So call Palm and update this thread.
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