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    Hey Pre community,

    I need assistance with a peculiar problem. Being a new Pre Plus owner, I was excited to get my hands on the new device. Long story short, I have had terrible luck with getting a device without kinks.

    My first phone had weird software issues, always resetting and notifications not coming in.

    The second one was not compatible with my verizon network extender for some reason. The radio wasn't communicating with it.

    I am on my third Pre and I am happy with it. One catch, the volume toggles on the side never worked properly. It makes volume go down, but not up. No big deal except that I cannot adjust call volume setting without it.

    I am very tired of being at the Verizon store for exchanges. It's grown embarrassing. If I cannot resolve this, it will be a final return of the phone.

    Is there ANY way, patch or otherwise, that you can think of to adjust call volume without using the volume toggle on the side?

    Thanks so much,
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    just go to the launcher and go to the sound and ringtones icon, from there you should see one control that says "ringtone volume", just move it left or right with your finger, that should work, ( i just turn my ringtone volume down with the side toggles and turned up with the louncher) i hope this helps

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