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    enjoy the weekend at the bar, cnote. Take a toast for the true palm lovers !
    i will most certainly do that.
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    salute ! prost ! cheers !
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    Palm will undoubtedly be acquired by a larger, more profitable company. I expect that Palm will live on in this fashion for quite some time. Considering the userbase Palm has developed with its long-line of PDA's, I would assume that Palm would still be a nice little niche market that would make a nice subsidiary company.
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    I really hope that HTC aquires Palm... Do they have enough money for that?
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    HTC build quality is impressive, at least on their higher end units. I've never used an HTC slider, if they even make one, so I can't speak to a direct example. But the Touch, Nexus, and Hero all have significantly better build quality than the Sprint Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis6279 View Post
    I'm not spreading facts. I'm just being realistic people
    I am being realistic too in saying that all the news surrounding Palm is negative right now. 1.4 is great for current users, but unless something major changes, Palm is going to fade away or be bought (which is the best option right now).

    I really like WebOS and I want it to stay, but the long and short of it is Palm has squandered some amazing opportunities with **** poor advertising and mediocre build quality, and right now they are getting crowded out by android, apple and RIM.
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