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    91% Of iPhone Users Would Recommend Device Vs. 69% Of webOS Users: AdMob
    Thursday, February 25, 2010; 3:19 AM
    AdMob, the mobile advertising network currently being acquired by Google, this morning featured the latest results of its monthly analysis of consumer usage and attitudes across the Android, iPhone and webOS application platforms in its January 2010 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report.Among the most interesting things the survey found is the conclusion that 91 percent of iPhone users would recommend their device, compared to 84 percent of Android users and only 69 percent of webOS users.

    That 22% difference has got to hurt for Palm.Other than that, not much noteworthy in this month's survey results, which states that consumers who use iPhone and Android devices showed "remarkably similar" activity levels, downloading approximately the same total number of applications and spending approximately the same amount of time using them. What I would deem logical and not remarkable at all.AdMob further says iPhone users continue to download more paid applications, with 50 percent of users purchasing at least one paid application a month compared to 21 percent of Android users.

    The survey also included consumers on webOS devices and found that they downloaded fewer paid and free applications, although they remain active.AdMob says it stores and analyzes handset and operator data from every ad request in a network of more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and iPhone, Android, and webOS applications. The AdMob share is calculated by the percentage of requests received from a particular handset; it is a measure of relative mobile Web and application usage and does not represent handset sales.Additionally,

    AdMob claims that the number of ad requests to their network went up 32 percent between December and January, to a total of 15.2 billion ads.
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    Not too surprising-- the iPhone is essentially an automatic transmission, whereas the Pre is a paddle-shifted manual.

    I would recommend it to people that I thought could handle it, but I definitely wouldn't try to get my parents to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsabo View Post
    Not too surprising-- the iPhone is essentially an automatic transmission, whereas the Pre is a paddle-shifted manual.

    I would recommend it to people that I thought could handle it, but I definitely wouldn't try to get my parents to use it.
    and this is why the pre was never an "iphone killer". simple yet powerful is the iphone. Powerful yet slightly more complex yet awesome is the pre. ppl like simple and powerful.
    Motorola i710 > Motorola i760 > Samsung M520 > Palm Pre
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    iPhone = Family Wagon
    Pre = Ferrari

    edit: hmmm Ferrari maybe not so fast, but definitely not for Mom
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    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    Yes also!
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    how could you not? The unofficial spokesperson is a bunny with a pancake on it's head. What could be more trustworthy?
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    I actually think a lot of you've got it backwards, in my opinion. I don't recommend the Pre to people I know who have specific power user needs. If someone needs video recording, for example (though that's changing soon, of course), or needs a certain iPhone app, or needs BBM (which I still find to be a ridiculous standard), then I don't recommend the Pre, for the time being. But for someone who has more general, more simple needs, then I recommend it.

    I expect most of those things to eventually be better on the Pre, but you can't really recommend a phone to someone based on "eventually". Basically, while it fits my needs right now, it depends on the other person's needs whether I'll recommend it or not.
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    I've recommended the Pre to two people who each ended up getting their own and they love the device. They did however say they 1) never even considered getting one and 2) Homebrew was a huge factor. Palm has alot of work/advertising to do cause word of mouth ain't going to cut it.
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    Whatever, the Pre is not hard to use. I stood in Best Buy and told around twenty people the Pre is the best phone ever made. I recommend it to everyone and make my iPhone buddies regtet buying their phones. Thes kind of things just make me mad.
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    No way(at least not to canadians)! I wanted to try the pre just before the new iphone is released and I can say that I will not remain a pre user. The support for Canada is below any expectations! If I make a comparison between the 3gs and the pre... pre doesn't stand a chance! I really wanted to like it, but beside the lack of speed, the pre can be easily considered a dumbphone in Canada! No paid apps, no timeframe for them!
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    Most iPhone users don't even know there's any other choices available.

    If people ask I tell them i like my Pre and I think it's a good choice compared to the competition, but I don't try and push it on them. Realistically there's still questions about how much support the platform will get in the future and there are aspects of the OS I don't like that might bother others more than they do me.
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    I have recommended my phone to a lot of people. But I wish Palm would get more behind it's OS.

    This is like being a Linux user vs PC/Mac
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    I bought my device not because of the pre or pixi, but because of WebOS. I was all set on Android, but at the last minute (literally at the store) decided to go with the small company that could. I knew that the pre didn't have video recording or a large app store or other enhancements that the iPhone had, but I believed in the potential.

    I would recommend Palm because of its WebOS. In my opinion, it took iPhone 2x the amount of time to accomplish what WebOS has done in its short lifespan.
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    I love the Palm Pre Plus, and think WebOS is fantastic. At this point it is hard to say if I would recommend the phone, and the reason being Palm's future is in serious jeopardy.

    If the financial data is correct that we are seeing plastered all over the internet, Palm could be dead by 2011. That's just the facts.

    So, I would say this. "I recommend the Palm products because they are fantastic, but you must keep in mind the company is doing poorly and support may end by next year. If you are fine with that then get the phone. If not I would go with the Motorola Android."

    That's what I would say.
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    I recommend webOS any chance I get. I am the first to point out Palm needs to step up the build quality of the hardware and increase speed. Other than that (and that is pretty significant) webOS just blows everything else away for overall ease of use. I was just showing my Pre to an iPhone user this evening and he kept saying how much he liked the webOS experience (real multitasking running several web pages, card view, synergy). If Palm opens up apps to the GPU and makes a sturdier feeling device, they would have more people coming their way.

    I will recommend Palm any chance I get. I just hope they can get more devices out there (new, not just same model on other carriers).
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    i always recommend the pre, but everyone is so stuck on iphone and droid.
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    As much as I love WebOS myself I haven't been able to get people to move over. A lot of the problem was that none of the people I know are on Sprint. Now that WebOS on Verizon I expect to have much more luck getting coverts.

    To be honest, most of the people I know would be perfectly happy with the iPhone. Somebody has to really appreciate the elegance of WebOS to purchase it over the iPhone which is kind of a no-brainer for most people.

    I'm sure it's demographics. I don't know anybody who would even consider an Android phone. 90% of the people I see at work have either Blackberrys or iPhones.
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    I love my Pre, I love WebOS, but I am seriously considering returning my phone simply because of the bad press this week. The company is in dire straights, and I am really worried about support for WebOS diminishing. However, I've used an iPhone (which I loved, after it was jailbroken of course to add some of the "missing" features) and 2 different android phones. Android just isn't polished enough yet, and it's multitasking is confusing, and does not hold a candle to the ease of use webOS has.

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