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    I had the charger door break on my and also got the cracked screen, but after my "ringer speaker" stop last night, that was the last straw.

    I pay insurance on my phone, but honestly dont have the $100 for the deductible and have a old sprint phone to use, so I called up palm and told them all my issues and im sending it in for repair.

    I will have the extra money for the deductible in about 3 weeks, so if for some reason palm wont fix my issues I will use my insurance.

    I will keep all of you updated on how it goes down.

    Here is the chat log I had prior to calling palm...

    4:16 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway:
    4:16 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    4:17 PM Support session established with Vinal.

    4:17 PM Vinal: Hello Luin.
    4:17 PM Vinal: Thank you for contacting Palm. My name is Vinal. How can I help you today?
    4:17 PM Luin Haden: I have a question about my palm warranty on my palm pre
    4:18 PM Vinal: I understand that you have questions regarding Palm Pre warranty.
    4:18 PM Vinal: I will assist you in resolving the issue.
    4:18 PM Luin Haden: who do I need to contact about using the warranty?
    4:19 PM Vinal: The warranty of the device will be one year.
    4:19 PM Vinal: Let me know the issue.
    4:20 PM Vinal: I will try my best to fix the issue.
    4:20 PM Luin Haden: The charger door broke off and it caused a crack to devolop on the screen.
    4:20 PM Luin Haden: sorry I know the charger door didnt cause the crack.... but it happened about 3-4 days after it broke off.
    4:22 PM Luin Haden: it also caused a small part of the phone on the side to break off. I took it to a sprint store and they said to get ahold of palm and get it warrantied cause this is a known issue on the palm pre. It is also known on a website forum
    4:22 PM Vinal: Well, the physical damage to the device will not come under warranty.
    4:22 PM Vinal: It will be treated as out of warranty device.
    4:23 PM Vinal: You can replace the device or repair it if there is any issue with the internal circuit of the device.
    4:24 PM Vinal: If it is under one year, there will not be any charge for the repair if the damage is with the internal circuit.
    4:24 PM Luin Haden: is the Oreo effect I have on the phone covered under warrranty? What about the blown speaker?
    4:26 PM Vinal: What do you mean by Oreo effect?
    4:26 PM Luin Haden: the slider part of the phone "twists". This is also a huge problem with alot of the pre's.
    4:28 PM Vinal: Okay.
    4:28 PM Vinal: Since how long have you been facing the issue?
    4:29 PM Vinal: Let me know the date and place of the purchase of the device?
    4:29 PM Luin Haden: about 3 months, but since alot of other pre users have had the same problem I didnt worry about it much, but it as become worse.
    4:30 PM Luin Haden: I bought it 7-08-09 @ Best Buy / Branson, MO
    4:30 PM Vinal: well, we didn't get any such issue till now.
    4:30 PM Vinal: However, I will provide you with the needful help.
    4:30 PM Luin Haden: I can send you a link to a bunch of posts from other users if needed.
    4:30 PM Vinal: Did you contact Best buy about the issue?
    4:30 PM Vinal: I mean to replace the device?
    4:31 PM Luin Haden: no, cause it happened 30 days after purchase and I didnt get the extended warranty with them.
    4:31 PM Vinal: Okay.
    4:31 PM Vinal: I will do one thing.
    4:32 PM Vinal: Is the device dropped?
    4:32 PM Luin Haden: do you mean "have I dropped it?"
    4:33 PM Vinal: Yes.
    4:33 PM Luin Haden: nope, and thats the honest truth. I didnt pay $150 for a phone to drop it.
    4:34 PM Vinal: Okay.
    4:34 PM Vinal: Do you see crack on the screen?
    4:34 PM Luin Haden: yup
    4:35 PM Vinal: Okay.
    4:35 PM Vinal: From the information that you provided, it appears that this issue is related with device hardware.
    4:35 PM Vinal: I will do one thing.
    4:35 PM Vinal: I will escalate the issue to our hardware team.
    4:36 PM Vinal: Usually they will charge for support when you contact them directly as the voice support is a fee based.
    4:36 PM Vinal: Not to worry, I will provide you with the chat reference number.
    4:36 PM Vinal: Once you provide them with the chat reference number, the support will be free.
    4:36 PM Luin Haden: ok
    4:37 PM Vinal: Please make a note of the chat reference number *********.

    Please make a note of the chat reference number, once the chat session is closed, you may lose it.
    4:37 PM Luin Haden: got it saved
    4:38 PM Vinal: You can contact our Phone Support Team at your most convenient time. This team can be reached at: 877-426-3777 between 5:00 AM PST to 9:00 PM PST on all Week days and 5:00 AM PST to 6:00 PM PST on weekends.
    4:38 PM Vinal: Please accept my heart felt apologies for not being able to assist you in fixing the issue as I have done my best to fix the issue.

    4:38 PM Vinal: I want to resolve the issue, I have provided all the information I have.
    4:38 PM Vinal: Hope your issue will be resolved at earliest.
    4:38 PM Luin Haden: thank you for your help!
    4:39 PM Vinal: Thank you for understanding.
    4:39 PM Vinal: I wish you all the best.
    4:39 PM Vinal: Thank you for contacting Palm and feel free to contact us for further assistance. Have a great day!
    4:39 PM Luin Haden: thanks
    4:39 PM Vinal: Bye.
    4:39 PM Vinal: It's my pleasure.
    4:39 PM Luin Haden: bye, have a great day yourself
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    You could've just gone to your local Sprint store man. Make sure you remove all themes, patches, and what-not and have them look at it.

    They need to see the phone in-person before they deem it worthy of warranty and if they do, they'll send an order for a replacement refurbished phone that you can pick up in the store in about 2-3 business days.

    At least from what I understand.

    Now, you might have to send your phone to them yourself instead of letting Sprint take care of that cost and you could just be directed to your local Sprint Store by the hardware support rep.

    I'd be surprised if they're going to go-ahead and send you a replacement phone without even looking at your own, that seems like just anyone could fire up the chat and say whatever they want.

    But they'll tell you if they don't receive your phone within a certain time period after you get the new one, they'll charge you anywhere between $50-$250
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    Sprint store wont touch my phone, the guy flipped out (in a good way) when he saw how customized my pre was, started showing it off to the employees and then told me to claim it on the insurance. I would have done that if I have $100 for my deductable, which I might still do if I come up with the $100 before sending it to palm.

    The phone still works fine, except I have to have it plugged into speakers to hear it ring.

    I have a good working sanyo katana I can use till I get mine back.

    arrrrrgh decisions decisions. lol
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    If he didn't make a report for you, then remove everything and take it to another store.

    Even if you think he did, take it to another store anyway. Using the warranty beats paying the $100 anyday
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    Interesting, I just had to have my power switch replaced, and I didn't touch my patches. I wonder if they were playing with the flashlight from the menu-- I know the LED was lit up when I got it back
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    At the begining of Feb. I took my Pre in to my local sprint Store (franchise not corporate) because my speaker sounded blown.
    I do have the Sprint insurance but
    because the phone was still within the warranty they got me a replacement at no charge. No deductible applied.
    To be honest I thought I was going to get hit by the $100 but they said nope, got me a replacement and away I went.

    If you don't get satisfaction at one store I would highly recommend trying another or if you can't, a different rep at the store at least.

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