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    It makes little sense, really. Palm's future is once again in doubt, through little fault of their product engineers. But so it is. Now, on the one hand, Palm could pull through and sell tens of millions of phones in the next decade. But what if they don't?

    The Palm Tucker.

    Yup, if Palm goes belly-up tomorrow, there won't be new hardware. But the legend of the Pre will grow, hackers will rule and the Pre & webOS will become a legendary, cautionary tale about why the best products don't always win in the end.

    It is the ultimate smartphone, and you'll have geek cred for years as the Pre becomes the most sought-after phone on the used market. Like the Tucker, or the Holga, or even Polaroid film. It will be celebrated far & wide, and the community will somehow strength in the absence of the mother ship. We'll put the Amiga community to shame.

    So go 'head, buy a Pre. Sure, Palm may go bust. But if they do, you might just own the last Pre ever built. And that would be epic.
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    Why even wake up tomorrow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Why even wake up tomorrow?
    LOL times 199900123980148012840823508
    Motorola i710 > Motorola i760 > Samsung M520 > Palm Pre
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    LOL times 199900123980148012840823508

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