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with WebOS destined for ATT (supposedly), and rumored to possibly hit T-mobile, im reluctant to start screaming "palm is dead" from the rooftops. Are they in a tight spot? yes. Have they reached the end of the road? no. (my opinons here folks, take from them what you will).

Even if Palm does bite the dust, WebOS will likely live on for a while. Palm might not completely die either, they may just be reduced to software production, and let other handset manufacturers use their OS. I may be alone, but WebOS on a decent HTC device would be pretty sweet.

I also would wait to see how developers react to the PDK, but palm needs to get it out ASAP. In an Iphone age, apps are crucial to a smartphone platforms success. Lets hope the PDK paves the way to some rich apps.
Good post and I agree with everything. Probably will add that they need to look beyond the US too if they are still hoping for WebOS to be the product that turns the firm around.