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    In the past, every email I sent via AOL from the Pre showed up in "sent" folders, both on the Pre and more importantly, on my AOL client or web page. For what I figure is now about 2 or 3 days, the email is not showing up anymore in either location.

    I had always gone to the sent folder when I was very concerned about something being sent as verification of it being sent. I know the email has actually been sent to the receipient, but it just doesn't show under the mailing AOL account, at least at present (again, it always showed under the AOL client or webmail as being sent, even if through the Pre).

    Now, using Gmail, the process works properly, the email showing up in the "sent" folder. Short of BCCing myself, any ideas? Or is it just a short term AOL issue? Thanks!
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    aol sent out email a wk or 2 ago saying they would no longer store sent emails.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knsnik View Post
    aol sent out email a wk or 2 ago saying they would no longer store sent emails.
    Does this mean there is no way to fix this problem (ie., the Palm) to reflect that the email was sent via being placed in a sent folder? Is this a configuration issue? Sorry, not too expert on this area.
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    I have noticed the same annoying problem; It is exclusive to AOL as my Gmail is going to the Sent folder no problem. I went through Palm tech support and they suggested running the webOS doctor (

    I don't think this has anything to do with AOL not storing sent emails. After all, any emails sent from AOL on a computer go to the Sent folder; it is just emails sent from the Pre that don't go there.
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    I have not yet run the webOS doctor and am not really sure if that will solve this issue. Now that I see that others have the same problem, it makes me think it may be an AOL issue.

    Does anyone else have any ideas or sugestions? I have tried uninstalling the AOL account and reinstalling, resetting the phone, and none of that works. I hope this is one of those short-term bugs that resolves on its own soon.
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    I have since read on AOL about how you had to reconfigure for "sent" mail if you used, for example, Office mail or some such, and saw on some web site about the referenced email not supporting "sent"mail from what I understood to be nonaol clients or websites. Here is the URL:
    Computer Help - AOL Help
    I can't find similar configuration options in the Pre, but they must be there. Any help from someone much more knowledgeable than myself? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylork View Post
    Does this mean there is no way to fix this problem (ie., the Palm) to reflect that the email was sent via being placed in a sent folder? Is this a configuration issue? Sorry, not too expert on this area.
    I don't really have much info on it...just remember getting an email, and my sent emails also no longer save in sent folder. I should look for email but I think I have emptied trash. If I do find it I will post more info from email.
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    Same problem here.
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    My Pre's AOL account is working just fine. I sent out 3 emails through my Pre today, and all 3 emails show up in the AOL sent folder of my Pre okay.

    The only problem I had with my Pre AOL account was that it wasn't pushing emails a week ago. I simply deleted the AOL account, reinstalled the same AOL account again on my Pre, and then did a soft reset. Then everything started working okay again, and all my emails get pushed instantly again.

    I just did another test today 3/6/2010, and sent out 2 emails from my Pre's AOL account. Unfortunately these 2 emails don't show up in my Sent folder for the past 10 minutes. Last time anything showed up in my Sent folder were emails dated on 2/28/2010. Oh well, this isn't that critical for me, although annoying. My new emails still get pushed instantly and I get notification right away, so that's more important.

    Another Edit - 3/27/2010:
    I don't know what's going on, but my AOL account is starting to act weird, even more so. I'm constantly copying myself (to my AOL account) emails I send out, and I'm now finding out that some of my emails are randomly going straight to my Spam folder! I'm talking about emails I send (copy) to myself to my AOL account using my own AOL address to send the emails! What's going on?!? Why in the world does AOL think that emails sent from my own AOL address is considered spam??

    Furthermore, you are all correct that AOL no longer shows your emails in the Sent Folder! What a pain! I have noticed that sometimes a random email I sent through my Pre will show up in the Sent Folder, but only randomly. For the most part, none of my sent emails show up in the Sent Folder any longer. At first I thought maybe this probably only existed on my Pre, but in fact this problem exists even when I access my AOL account through my laptop computer, as well as through my Outlook app on my laptop.

    So what should we do now? I've been using Gmail for the past few years as a secondary account, maybe I should start using Gmail as my primary account now. Geez, ever since AOL spun off from Time Warner, things have gotten worse for AOL users. I'm wondering if this problem is only happening to users for the "free" AOL email service. I know that AOL was trying to charge me for email service a few years back, but I declined this. Maybe the "paid" AOL users don't have this problem? Geez, I've been using my AOL account for many years, and it would be a hassle to switch to something else.
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    I have tried deleting and reinstalling AOL 5 times and it still doesn't work. I have reset the phone and it still doesn't work. I got the webOS upgrade today to 1.4.0 and it still doesn't work. Frustrating! I just want my sent AOL emails to appear in the sent folder - is that such a big deal?

    I think it must be an AOL issue since Gmail does not have this problem. I contacted AOL support and am waiting to hear back - not holding my breath, though.

    Is anyone having ANY luck resolving this issue?
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    its an aol server setting, nothing we can do on our pres..unless a kind Dev can make a patch for this.

    PS- haven't tried yet, but anyone willing to change server to That may work

    (if not uk, try ca hk or any other country)

    emails will still be pushed and instant ona different country imap server
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    Okay, I'm going to bump this thread.

    This problem really does exist. I still randomly see my emails in the Sent folder, but only very randomly and without any reliability. Obviously, this is unacceptable.

    I actually do have various email addresses, including Google, Live, Yahoo. At this point I'm tempted to switch to my Google email address, since I'm already using my Google account to synchronize my Pre information.

    Is there no solution to this AOL problem? Do we have to actually pay AOL a subscription fee, and then maybe we can see our Sent emails?

    I've been using my AOL email account for many, many years. It would be a huge pain in the you know what to change my primary email address. What are others doing about this?

    Additionally, there has been another huge problem I've been experiencing with AOL. I will every so often have valid emails automatically sent to my Spam folder, including my own emails I've sent to myself from my own AOL account to my AOL address. Unreaaaaaal !! I mean how do my emails get thrown into my AOL Spam folder when I used my own AOL account to send an email to my AOL address??

    Thanks, Casey
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    Anyone else getting a periodic but somewhat frequent could not sign in/password rejected error when sending AOL mail from the Pre? Happened to me a lot a few weeks ago, then stopped, and started happening again the other day. Quite annoying. Toggling SSL or changing other login settings seems to reset it (until it happens again). Any ideas?

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