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    please help me guys. My pre plus started acting weird a couple days ago. Randomly and pretty much non stop now the alert telling you the volume of the device is stuck it is getting really annoying. I pulled the battery. Still does it. I did a SYM-ORANGE-R reset (aka soft reset) and still it does it. VERY annoying. Should I go to verizon? Will they fix it? Or replace it? Thanks for the help guys!
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    You have a corrupt popple. I'm not exactly sure if Verizon has technicans the way Sprint does.. but we are able to replace the popple with a new one and it fixes the issue. I would take it in to Verizon no matter what..
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    Kytton .. thanks for the posting ... makes a lot of sense that this is most likely the problem that many of us are experiencing. I've got the same problem, but unfortunately have a modified Verizon Pre Plus (on Sprint) and I am almost certain Sprint will not repair. I sent you a personal note ... not sure that you could share the procedures for replacing the popples. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again thanks.
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    until you get it fixed, you can adjust the volume in the sounds and ringtones app on the third launcher page.

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