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    I have had my Pre since launch in June. Today, I was sitting in the drive-thru at at local fast-food restaurant, and through the window, I noticed a girl texting on a cell-phone. Now I see this everyday, but I happened to notice the mirrored back of her device, and low and behold, she closed the slider and put the phone down to reveal the beatiful pebble that is the Palm Pre. I have been an avid surfer of, and I have my phone home-brewed to death. At least 20 times a day, I check precentral and Preware to get the latest scoop on how to trick out my phone. Someone, please tell me how it can be that this is the FIRST TIME I've ever seen anyone in person holding a new palm handset. I have a few friends that still use their Treos, but I can't believe that I haven't seen a Pre or Pixi out in the wild with my own eyes. This is very upsetting to me... I just wanted to vent my disappointment. Thanks.
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    There are over 200 million American adults. If there have been less than 2 million webOS devices sold, that's less than a 1 in 100 chance of randomly running across a webOS owner (ignoring geographical variations). Since people only use their phones at specific and largely random times, then the chances of running across a webOS user at the moment he/she is using his/her webOS device is even lower than that.

    I don't see that many people using their iPhones (although, of course, far more than I've seen webOS users), and we know there are tons of those out there. In fact, I far more often see people using Blackberries and dumbphones than iPhones, except for in the office where we have a number of iPhone users. So, merely spotting a given device in the wild isn't that great an indicator of its current popularity.
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    ...... great 2nd post? i guess. dont know what to say to this.
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    yeah I've seen one person on the train here in nyc with one... And the peole who waited inline at the sprint store that cool june 6th morning
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    I've only seen two since it was released.
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    I see about five to ten a day .. [come in for repair]

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    i've only seen one at rutgers, this girl dropped it getting on the bus. it was sad, it bounced out the bus and onto the pavement. i dont know what happened to it but the battery door came off. hope it was ok!

    anyway it was the only pre i've seen so far, that was in September.
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    Outside of work, I see one everyday (talked my best friend into one) and I see a few around campus. I see more blackberries than anything else and it makes me chuckle at how important people THINK they are using a Blackberry. I get compliments on my pre all the time.
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    I have also never seen another Pre out there, everyone who see's me use my phone always comments on how nice it looks/feels/runs, yet the don't go buy one ***!?
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    Where do you live? I see so many daily.
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    I actually sat down on the train next to a guy with a Pre on the commute home from Chicago the other week. Instant conversation. I don't see a ton of them out there yet, but as wynand32 mentioned... I also don't see a lot of iPhones out there either even though there have been a bajillion (approximately) of them sold.
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    I have seen 5 or 6 different people in the last 6 months. The only reason is you can see the mirror on the back otherwise it would be really hard to tell what they were using.

    Unless you are really close to someone how can you tell their phones from a pet turd? I have yet to see someone with a Droid in person... doesnt mean they dont sell
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    I was at a birthday party on Saturday and there were 4 Pre's there that I noticed.

    I know three other people with Pres too and have seen several "in the wild."

    Maybe you just live in a WebOS-deficient area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I actually sat down on the train next to a guy with a Pre on the commute home from Chicago the other week. Instant conversation. I don't see a ton of them out there yet, but as wynand32 mentioned... I also don't see a lot of iPhones out there either even though there have been a bajillion (approximately) of them sold.
    Heh, I love when I get the "Why doesn't mine look like that!?!?" when a fellow Pre owner sees my themed/patched phone.

    I do see tons of iPhones though.
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    I saw 2 kids have it at my highschool.
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    I see about two or three a week and they are instant conversation starters....and I am personally responsible for a whopping 4 whole converts!!!....two from BB's and two that were smartphone newbies....thought I had a 5th, but he's salivating over the Nexus One....and I saw Kara Thrace w/ one!! LOL
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    I convinced a friend to get one, a brother-in-law has one, and a guy at work saw mine and said he knows a guy who has one. That's the only first hand experience I have with other people and a Palm Pre.
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    yea, with all of those motorola droid commercials that ran, or are still running, i have yet to see one of those in someones hands. i saw a pre yesterday on the train
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    I know exactly what you mean. This is by far, the BEST phone I've ever used, and it's upsetting that so many friends always talk about getting OTHER phones, even though I praise my phone relentlessly (although I've managed to convince 6 friends to get pre's). Marketing is sooooo pervasive.

    Anyways, another depressing note, my pre died today I've dropped it tons of times on hard surfaces, but today, about a foot drop, the screen went kaput. Damnit! Now I'm just waiting for my insurance to kick in and send me a nice new Pre tomorrow.

    RIP to my old Pre, you served me MOST well.
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    I've seen a few - but I don't really care if there are lots around or not. If the Pre 2 comes out and it is awesome - great, I'll probably get one. However, if Sprint has a better phone (Droid 2?) in June when it is time to upgrade, that's fine too and I'll probably buy it instead. I want the best phone for me. Right now, that's a Pre, and I'm very happy with it. I make phone purchase decisions based upon what's best for me instead of what's best for my phone manufacturer.

    Call me an enthusiastic, but unloyal, Palm Pre fan.
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