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    I frequently find myself in the situation of wanting to hop on to a local channel (usually Bluetooth/A2dp) when moving from, say, the car to work or home, and vice-versa.

    Sure, there are plenty of quick and dirty fixes, plug in an audio cable, buy a BT adapter. But, short of purchasing something like the Logitech wireless system or Sony's variants, does anyone have a truly elegant solution?

    I guess I'm hoping for something like Softick's PalmOS implementation for the Pre. Even better if I could simply hop on to an existing Logitech receiver and continue streaming through my gargantuan PC setup...

    While we're at it, any thoughts on quality (and compatible) docks for the Pre along the line of the B&W Zepplin (

    Best, bez.
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    If you have a sound board with audio-in... you can stream from your pre's headphone jack into the input of the board. I do this with the stereo sometimes. I have a 1/8 female to RCA stereo adapter hooked into a spare input and simply plug the Pre in to stream audio. Works well. You can do this on the PC also.

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