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    sitting here thinking about ppl braggin bout cars on a pre board..cmon ppl...and to the guy talking about how fast his civic is...who cares about the half the price mess....sry i agree with u sure you can make a tin can go fast but why not save up and get a all around better car..thats all im saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanlc2005 View Post
    not true according to physics class that according to newton, everything drops at a constant 9.8 meters per second so if that's true, it would take longer then 13 seconds and if the plane was att legal altitude
    minor correction 9.8 meter per second squared
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    The link has been taken down, and let's still hope for the best!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkzone View Post
    minor correction 9.8 meter per second squared
    I said the same thing (but then immediately deleted my post when I thought he had corrected his post).
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Unless you got some aftermarket hair dryers under the hood, or a bottle of giggle juice, I highly doubt that. 350z's are just breakfast! *burp*
    lol doubt it my z is insane! if you run low 12s you obviously would win for now! i was jus messin around tryin to get everyone off these overdone 1.4 threads everywhere...
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    here the link from the Google cache for those who are interested.
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    As much i luv the update i will miss the excitement....reminds me off Pre launch days **sigh** good times
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    The good old days, my Saturday stop light smokim toy.

    Corvette was daily driver, Ferrari was weekend go for a ride toy and the AC was looking for stop light action.
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