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    wow that surprises me I always thought the pre is sprints flagship phone but I guess its not. Anyway thank Kytton, do you have any info on the Supersonic and nexus one. I guess rumors are that its in the sprint system. Can you elaborate at all
    At the time it was the Flagship phone - we were so excited that people were camping out overnight for the phone! Made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But I know there's been a lot of disappointment behind the Pre due to the build quality issues. Well, honestly, not necessarily the build quality, but the recon quality. Or complete and total lack there of.

    Regarding the Supersonic, I've just heard rumors.. I've actually played with a Nexus and was thoroughly NOT impressed with the speed of the phone. Size, yes. The processor was very laggy.. Maybe it was because the ridiculous animated theme it was running.. phew. And I personally prefer an actual keyboard to onscreen. *shrug* Personal preference. I prefer my WebOS to Android.
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    I still find it odd that I have NEVER seen a hero "in the wild" while I have seen many Pre's.
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    How many pres do u sell a week? or is it more a monthly number now.
    I'm a technican, so I don't sell.. but I handle the inventory and all repairs. My reps sell maybe 5 Pre's a week as opposed to.. ohh.. 7-8 Heroes a day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvpilot172 View Post
    I still find it odd that I have NEVER seen a hero "in the wild" while I have seen many Pre's.
    Well, aren't most heroes in their civilian garb when out and about to conceal their secret identities?


    *coff*coff* Aaaaaand I'm done.
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    I went into the sprint store having read up on every smartphone they had in stock and they were shocked that I had anything negative to say about the hero since no one's complained about it to them. Apparently they don't read the reviews. The hero is running htc sense over android 1.6 which asks a lot from what is essentially the htc magic's hardware under the hood. Most consumers forgive the laggy for the shiny, but most of the hands on time I've had with it has been a frustrating. But put google in the title and the product's bound to sell.
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    every rep I've asked @ the stores here say they sell pre's like crazy, way more than any other phone. Every time I go to the Sprint store I see at least 3 people buying a Pre.
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