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    This is driving me crazy. I listen to music through the media player or pandora at work on my headphones. When I get a call (in silent mode), I pause the player by tapping pause, unplug my headphones and take the call normally. Then as soon as I hang up, my music starts playing through the speakers full blast even though I had it paused previously, sharing whatever I was listening to with the entire office.

    Is there a patch for that?
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    Another option is to keep the headphones plugged in, listen to the call using them and just speak into the phone normally. This has worked for me at the gym.
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    Yeah kinda, try the Platronics/Altec Lansing Backbeat 903's BT headphones. They sound fantastic and plus work awesome for answering/calling. Charge last 6 to 7 hours.
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    I've tried using the headphones, but I use in-ear buds that block outside noise and make it hard to control the volume of your voice. I just wish I could turn off the auto-restart music option
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    They are actually ear buds, but they don't have the sound isolating quailities like something like a Shure product, so they probably would not work for you.
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    there is a really silent ringer switch patch that really does work. This had been a nightmare for me too. Thank you Jason Robitaille always making the most useful patches. Install via preware or QI
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    how is a silent ringer going to fix this guys problem?

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