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    I have had my fair share of phones, and to be honest there are not to many communities out there that have the same passion this one has. But I have to tell you, there is enough *****ing and moaning over the most ridicules things on this forum to make any sane person leave and never look back.

    Appropriate things to complain about are things like build quality, and if you cant see the obvious problem with build quality in the Palm Pre you are willingly blind. I have never seen so many complaints of bad build quality of a mobile phone than the Pre. I have not had any problems to speak of, but some people on this forum have had to replace their devices 5 or more times. It's awful.

    Things that bother me the most are the teenage style *****es here like blaming Verizon for holding up the 1.4 Webos update. Much like the GSM versions of Webos, we all know that Sprint could have released the update whenever they wanted and Verizon could have snagged a 1.4.1 update later.

    Palm said February, even if the update doesn't come today they are still good on their commitment so stop *****ing.

    I envy some of your passion for Palm and Webos, I have been a Palm user for a while, but I cant understand anyone getting visibly angry over some really stupid things.

    Cut the crap, stop being a child.
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