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    I recently drove to Colorado from Calif. Stopped in Utah for the night, Touchstone worked fine. Arrived in Breckenridge and the whole week I was there, the Touchstone did not work.

    I can only guess that the altitude (almost 10,000 feet) was the cause. When I left Breckenridge, it started working fine once again.

    Does anyone have a Touchstone in high altitude that can say differently?


    Terry R.
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    lol, this is an interesting theory. My touchstone has never worked right here in Denver but I just assume its a bad one and I need to swap it out... just haven't had a chance yet. I'll swap them out and try it out in my breck hotel in a couple weeks.
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    Denver is around 5000 feet? I was working in Flagstaff, AZ for a week and I think the elev. is pretty close and my TS worked fine.
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    My Touchstones (2) work fine at 5280. Took one to Breck, no problems...
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    And Denver is at least 4,000 feet lower.
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    Well mine works fine too. Just not in Breckenridge.
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