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    Features are great but if the functionality and execution isn't there all we have is another Neo Geo (wikipedia it). Why do you think the Wii sells more than xbox and PS3? Simple. It knows it's demo and what it is and it simple to use to boot. The Pre is a 6'4 power forward in the NBA. It's a tweener. Stuck in the middle of being a feature gaming phone and a PDA. The bad news it doesn't excel at both. What's so frustrating is there are some simple fixes that could make this phone great. Bluetooth file transfer, ability to send all contacts as a vcard (I got the patch), vlc type media player, web based "desktop solution" and last but least add the days of week to the date selection function in task and calendar apps. Changing existing appts is impossible without it and the ability to copy calendar notes (try it. Doesn't work). I mainly use the calendar app as aviewer. All my editing is done via google. But if I'm somewhere in a bad connection I just have to wait. Tasks should have time reminders ie 15min, 1hr etc. There are other nagging issues but these are the only ones I can think of. Oh when will there be universal search in calendar?
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    I hear ya! I would go further and say the Wii sells more because it knows it's competition and is innovative enough to appeal to both xbox, and PS users at the same time be innovative with bringing in new technology. Palm just thought they could bring some infant technology and loyalist will revive it. Sorry not with iPhone and Android out there gaining momentum. You can't bring new technology and neglect to include functionality that people are used to using on their old devices and think you can still remain in the game.

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