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    My music player has been working just fine, using the drag and drop from my PC. Last time I decided to update my music, I check my music player afterward, search for one of the song titles, and nothing shows up. I keep trying other song titles and nothing. All of the files are recognized as being on the Pre when I open the folder on my PC, yet the Pre's music player claims they aren't there. Just now I decided to take a try at searching under the Artists - every song is there when I look for them by the artist, but when I look via Song, there's nothing.

    What in the heck??? Can anyone help me out here? LOL.
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    Sounds like the database file is a little wacky... backup what you can and try a partial erase. This should dump the db files (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Then add your music back to the Pre via USB.

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