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    Actually I'd prefer to see them roll out updates for each thing as they're finished. Waiting months to roll everything out is not ideal. If you have a performance update for Calendar but you don't roll it out because the video recording patch isn't done yet, that's stupid.

    People would be a lot happier with webos if they fixed things more regularly.
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    1.5 will include some bug fixes and the re-branding...

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    Quote Originally Posted by djclue8713 View Post
    <3 this thread. Consider me subscribed. I'd like OTA processor upgrade to Snapdragon 1 Ghz as well as Tegra graphics chip...the ability to brick any iPhone within the immediate vicinity just because...oh...and all of this to be done over a 1xRTT connection at my work.
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    I'd like to see:
    The phone app much improved. It's way buggy and not consistent in response to touch. The speed dial system is awful about this.
    Ability to send more than one picture with each SMS or Email.
    Ability to delete multiple pictures at one time.
    Ability to move pictures to different folders and rename pictures using only the phone (not your computer).
    Day and date at the top with the time.
    Different colors available for the phone app., maybe some different color themes built-in.
    Zoom for the camera and video recorder.

    There may be more, but I can't think of any right now.
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    With all the talk of synergy, one would haope that after one loooong year they would atleast have hotmail sync included in synergy. After all, it is only the most popular messenger and email there is.
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    So, I updated to 1.4, made a couple of video's and installed Need for Speed.
    Any rumors on a release date for 1.5? I'm already missing the anticipation ;-)
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    I'd like to see much much much better memory management. The one complaint I have with WebOS right now is memory management. Everyone talks about apps with memory leaks, but if WebOS was using protected memory space, that would definitely help fix this little problem.

    I'd also like to see:
    -Visual Voicemail (How did my Instinct have this and not my Pre)
    -Ability to browse the phone's storage over bluetooth. Yet again something my Instinct had that this phone should.
    -A better way to put music on the device.
    -And a pie dispenser button that makes me a slice of pie whenever I want.
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    Facebook & Live messenger, better Google Maps (street view, contacts) Spell Check, Update Facebook. Thanks for everything so far.
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    Bump :-)
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    I would like to see the ability to save pictures from the internet, better copy and paste, better scrolling to the top of the page, and better battery life.
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