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    I'm a new Pre owner as of 3 weeks ago. Had a Centro for awhile then switched to a WM HTC Touch phone. I love the Pre. I'm on a business trip to San Francisco and this phone has been the perfect "companion" for me. Google maps has saved my **** a few times and the Sprint Navigation Gps is better than my TomTom. No need for my iTouch anymore. All I can say is that this phone is the best I've ever had. Funny thing with my iTouch...When I go to close an app down I try to swipe it off the screen...hahaha!! Anyone else with an iTouch do this? Gotta go!!
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    i used to try to swipe and gesture on my ipod but then i decided to get rid of it since i no longer needed it but welcome to the webos family
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    The swipe is addictive. Everytime I use my friends iphone out of habit I swipe but nothing happens.
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    gestures area was genius!!! i hope this stays on all other palm devices in the future

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