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    Hey guys, Sorry if this is a repost or common knowledge but i am wanting to restore my pre to factory setting, the reasons why is I rooted in a few months ago and dont really use any patches or anything and it seems my phone is alittle slow, What is important is making sure my contacts, calendar, apps, and such are backed up, if there a way to do this? thanks guys, I have picked up so much info in these forums.
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    Press Device Info from launcher

    scroll down to bottom and click Reset Options

    You get to choose:
    Partial Erase
    Full Erase

    Pick Full Erase

    Your info (including apps) should be in the "cloud" and reinstall upon login after full erase. You can reinstall any apps, if they do not all return, without paying again (if they are paid apps)

    I always backup to my PC, but theoretically, the cloud has your info.

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