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    Could somebody recommend a decent case? I have one of those stupid clear plastic ones. It's horrible. It causes the buttons on the side of my phone to stick and it's a pain in the *** to pop off. I'm looking for something that will protect my phone.
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    wrong forum, go to accessories forum.

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    love these. Haven't gotten the Pre one yet, but will do that soon.
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    I used some hard cases, but I don't really recommended you because they don't fit right because you have to open and close the slider.
    that I really recommended you is the skin protectors!
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    Check out the hard case at the Sprint store. It attaches to itself around the the phone and it only takes a few seconds to put on or take off. It also take away any oreo.
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    Best fit is the body glove, it fits perfectly and will not move. But do not use it if you switch batteries often, b/c it is difficult to remove. My opinion anyways.
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    I have a vertical case by Fortte - fits the Pre perfectly and has a belt clip built in (different styles to choose from) with a magnetic latch...

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