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    It looks like Quake 3 was just ported to Android. I was hoping we would have it by now. I guess now that Gameloft has been pumping out games, no one is interested in porting it.

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    I imagine it will be ported after the PDK is available

    Don't forget that the droid has the same hardware as the Pre but the droid has to push out the game at 480x856 (something like that) while the Pre would only need to output 320x480 meaning better frame rates or graphial options.
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    quake 3 got me into fps games.. this would be amazing
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    Quote Originally Posted by klubhead View Post
    quake 3 got me into fps games.. this would be amazing
    Duke Nukem 3D was the game that did it for me. Quake 3 and UT solidified my love for FPS.

    I tried to compile Duke Nukem 3D SDL port for WebOS but what getting lots of header errors. I don't know enough C++ to trouble shoot it. Oh well
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    wrong forum should be in webos development if you want it done because im sure thats where the devs are
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    No, this thread is okay here.. They are just talking about it being ported to Android, it has nothing to do with the Pre.

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