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    When i try to install the virtual keyboard it says "error, see ipk log." Any suggestions to what i can do to finally get it installed?
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    I finally got it to install on my Pre by:
    1) Installing the "CLEANUP VKB Files" patch.
    2) Uninstalling all patches with "Emergency Patch Recovery" patch.

    The VKB seems unable to install if there is any vestige of a prior installation.

    As soon as I got it to install, PreWare indicated it should be updated. Updated it and it stopped working and I'm back to where I started with no VKB.

    Until it gets more stable, it may not be worth the effort to get it to work.
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    uninstall vk and then go into phone in usb mode and delete the vk folder in the phone . Then wait until after 1.4 is installed . Then reinstall. I only say wait because 1.4 is due out today. If you need any more help just message me ok ttyl
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Deleting the folder does not necessarily do anything useful. VKB won't install on my system and I have removed the folder.

    I expect to do a complete removal of all patches prior to installing version 1.4 . That should allow installation of the VKB -- but how long it will work without failing is anyone's guess.
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    I'm getting the same problem. Would really like to have the VKB again, but no such luck. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    I suffered from this a few weeks back, a partial erase was the only solution for me.
    Also best thing i found was if an update for VKB becomes available,remove VKB then re-install,this method works for me.
    Hope this helps.
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