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    For all you hobby hunters out there looking for a way to sharpen your skills in the great outdoors without getting your boots dirty, Glu Mobile has you covered! They just released Deer Hunter 3d!

    I am no hunter, but the screenshots look pretty!
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    My friend's nickname is Bambi..
    Dammit Manny! Why'd you title the thread Bambi! Why? Whyyyyyyyyyy?!

    Time to hunt Bambi and friends. Happy hunting.
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    Really? Does she work in the adult entertainment industry? I know absolutely no girls named
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    off topic but Manny what do you have done to your Z28
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    Bambi, Bambi, Bambi: So may singles and brain cells lost.....
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    anyone get it? It isn't saving progress for me. This happening to anyone else?
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    It would be more fun if you hunted iphones instead

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