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    I was trying to send a text message earlier a little before midnight. and i noticed a "popup" on my Pre saying PRL Update. I checked the version afterwards and it updated to version 60660. What exactly is a Preferred Roaming List, and what does an update entail exactly?
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    It what defines "in network, extended network, and out of network (Roaming)"
    These are often shared or overlapping between carriers, and carriers work out bandwidth deals with other carriers, so it lets the phone know which networks it should try to talk to.

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    What's your PRL for your Pre+?
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    Brain, why didn't I think of that... oh well.

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    i just updated my PRL and now is 60660.
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    Thanks _recall and _text. Good infos.
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    just updated my PRL list too...thanks for the heads up
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    Quote Originally Posted by trist View Post

    what's your prl for your pre+?
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    60660 isn't really new Ive been running it for almost a month now.

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    wut is the 60660?

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