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    Anyone else getting the Upgrade to option from the Update App? I already have the version installed - it came with the phone for me. Looks like things are moving.
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    i dont see how that means things are moving if anything i would see that as a possible setback
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    Are you seeing it on your end?
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    phone is up to date. is the current os listed. so no nothing new is being shown.
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    When I go to Update, I've got the "Palm webOS Update" screen. Palm webOS is now available. It's about 5MB. etc. etc. "Download Now".

    I have been checking updates for a couple of weeks now, so this is new for me. I'm guessing somethings been tweaked somewhere. I haven't done anything with the phone (stock). I've been waiting for 1.4 to start looking at patches.
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    I rebooted the phone - same result. I'm on Verizon. Maybe it's a carrier specific bug.
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    Now it's popped up in the message area with "Update Available" with Install later or Install now buttons. Still listing though. Not sure what to do with this one.
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    just install it and see what happens
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    Yah - curiosity's got the best of me. I'm hoping for 1.4 in sheep's clothing.
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    1.4 will definitely be bigger than 5 megabytes
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    I'm hoping it's 1.4 with old information in the popup text. It's a long shot - but one can hope.
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    could it be - its just a typo ?
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    true 1.2 came in a doctor so maybe 1.4 will come by accident in disguise
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    I downloaded it on my Pre plus and Pixi Plus
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    Just a sheep. I have successfully installed! And it is Now my update screen is saying I'm up-to-date. Oh well, got the heart beating a little faster anyway...
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    Maybe it's a Verizon test-run.
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    doubt theyll chime in to let us know
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    Verizon mucking up the updates. Why do they still exist? Seriously.
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    I just got that as well. I was hoping it would be 1.4 mis-labeled but alas it does not sound like it will be that after all...
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