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    I just downloaded Awesome.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    Had it come this morning. What is goin on??
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    i have a pixi plus from verizon and already on I just updated...
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    When I woke up this morning, I had an alert on my Pre Plus that webOS was now available. Whats up with that? That is the version I already have. Could this really be an invitation to install 1.4, but Palm forgot to change the version number in the alert??

    I have an option of Install Now or Later. Should I install it anyway? Suggestions? This is my first ever webOS update and Im a little nervous about it.
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    you may want to read THIS.

    the search is also a good place to start welcome to precentral
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    OP, your post count may have saved you from death......
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    leave it alone wait for 1.4
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Sheesh, does no one even read existing threads before posting?!?!?!?

    Hell, you don't even HAVE to search for this, there are 80 threads on it since 10pm last night!!!

    My hope in humanity's future is slowly ebbing...
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    Thanks for the additional info guys, and sorry about posting about an issue that's already been discussed in the forum. It hadn't crossed my mind to search for this topic first as I just assumed it was a brand new thing! I'm new to this and just learning my way around. :-)
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    Thanks for Doctor seems to have worked. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
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    Just re-updated to on my Pre+ this morning? No noticeable changes
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    I installed the update over, only thing i think changed is that my configuration version is now Verizon 1.1. i think it used to be a 1.0, but really don't remember for sure.
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    Seems like this is only happening to Verizon Pre Pluses. Yall might all wanna get together and sue Verizon for playin wit yalls emotions. Lmao. Verizon sucks. (official hater)
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    Hey George, you came to the right place for information. We all occasionally ask questions when a search would have worked, and sometimes fail to find the answers when we do search. Don't be put off by a couple of grouchy people. [And to all you hypersensitive types: relax!]
    "The service on my iPhone is so bad I'm thinking of calling it my AOL phone." -- Jim Gaffigan

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeydog View Post
    Don't be put off by a couple of grouchy people. [And to all you hypersensitive types: relax!]
    I am not grouchy ... my wife calls me "crotchety". But seriously, you open the Forum page and see multiple threads that say " available again?", " available?", and "". How difficult can it be to open those threads before hitting the "New Thread" button?

    Here is a hint to all newbies -- if something happens and you think you are the first one to see it, go take a look at the last 20 updated threads, guaranteed that someone else has seen it and posted it before you.

    Just wait, when 1.4 hits, I guarantee there will be 18 threads that say "I just noticed 1.4 is available!!" within the first 10 minutes of it being available.

    Alright, so maybe I am grouchy too
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    I'm guessing its nothing, it showed up 2 days ago for me showing 1mb was the
    No big deal
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    Cant we all just get along
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    No kidding..This should be a place to have fun! Smile...
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    george kontos - welcome to the forums. Sorry that you got jumped on in one of your first posts.

    Regardless of what others might say, don't be afraid to ask questions. If they don't like the topic, they don't have to read it.

    In regards to searching the forums first, yes, I would recommend it. You might very well find that your question has already been answered by others.

    HOWEVER, sometimes the search engine does not work well. When I search and it comes up with 4 threads, each with 137 pages, each with 20 or so posts per page, and my question is addressed in ONE of those posts (but I don't know which one), it is often easier to ask the question again and a helpful person can refer me to the specific post in the thread that I need.

    So come on in, and join the crowd. Most of us are nice.
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    Very well put Fisack23... LOL
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