Hey guys, was hoping for some help or atleast just a heads up on if this has been covered already (if it has, i don't mind trying to find it). I did a bit of quick searching and haven't seen anyone post similar issues.

I had installed a few patches and had preware installed on my Pre (I did it when I had 1.2 i think--had them since around thanksgiving). Lately it seemed to be running sluggish, so I decided to do a factory reset and just start with a clean slate. I was originally planning on using webos quick install and webos doctor, but read that they only worked with web os 1.2 (confirm?). As a result, I opted instead to do the "full erase" via the device info icon. Well, my issue is that after my pre restarted, I noticed that the 4x4 patched was still applied and, in addition, there were a few non factory apps still there (just a few of the many IE: "flashlight," "stopwatch," "bubble level," "Send My Location To," "Beerology" and a few others).

So I'm wondering if this is a big deal or if there is another/better way to restore it . Seems to be running fine otherwise (not sure if it's sped up yet).

One last thing, during the last update, I was trying to remove all the patches and themes I had running before it installed. After I did the "Emergency Patch," there were still patches applied. I tried reinstalling and removing individually, but I had stepped away for a minute and when I came back, the patch had auto started before I had finished removing patches ! PROBLEM???

Sorry for the length of the post (don't normally post) and I would sincerely appreciate responses to, at the very least, put me at ease.

Future thanks!