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    Ok so i have 2 days left on my 30 day trial of the pre plus. i like the phone want to keep it (battery sucks but i can live with a phone that gets me through a day). Other option is the droid which is cool but not really what i want in a phone but an acceptable alternative.

    i know these threads are hated but, if you were in my spot what would you do, if verizon drops the pre do i loose support? can i still get OTA updates? or if palm goes under will anyone still make webos apps? will pre central even be here (im sure it will but i know you are all thinking about this stuff too).

    basically in 2 years from now is this going to be a phone with 2500 aps and a bankrupt company? what are your thoughts
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    well i can guarantee it wont happen in 2 days lmao, if they do oh well, either way you still have a contract and the phone will continue to work, they wont just shutdown completely

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    could very well be but who knows if you like it keep it you can always upgrade in 2 years any way
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    Verizon has already explicitly denied this rumor.
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    So are all the Hummer drivers going to quit driving there cars? You worry too much. Get a hobby.
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    lol, thats probably not a bad idea
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    what happens if Verizon drops the pre and palm goes under?
    Switch to android?
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    what happens if Verizon drops the pre and palm goes under?
    Hell will break loose. So what? I'll be one of the few with "limited" production phone and only the cool people can join this niche group

    And I'll laugh at all the Android users and make fun of their webkit browser, ugly music UI, reliance on app task killer, better android phones coming out EVERY month, etc... til my phone breaks down.
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    Go to Droid now.... please.
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    i would take a change and keep it,i love this phone and i want to support palm. if u really want to play it safe, just get the droid. in 2 years if Palm is still around then get the Pre 3.
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    am already planning on switching to Android.. waiting till summer. palm missed the boat. All the development muscle behind iPhone is starting /finishing developing for android now. I still think WebOS is a superior operating system. But has too many holes to plug. And the phone hardware is slowww.

    oh well, it was fun to try something new for a while.
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    Your phone will explode.
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    i wouldnt worry about it, i know the feds just bought a ton from sprint, i think palm will be fine, regardless webos is here to stay.
    if anything i think vz is gunna get the next palm device 1st this time
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    doom and gloom... relax kids

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