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    Hey everyone....I've got quite an issue. I was updating my apps through preware. Everything was done and was told that the phone needed a restart. I restarted and now my phone is stuck on the "palm" screen. Can anyone tell me what I I can do, short of "seeing the dr"?
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    Take out your battery and put it back in, that's what I would do.
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    Pull the battery and wait 30 seconds before reinstalling the battery and hit power button. May have to do this more that once.
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    Quick reply!!!! Thanx...I'll try those....what did I do to my phone?!?!?!
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    On a reboot after an install it sometimes hangs up, don't know why.
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    you guys rock!!!! FIXED IT!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis01 View Post
    you guys rock!!!! FIXED IT!!
    You mean there is someone else in the Memphis area with a Pre? I haven't seen you.

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