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    I live in the Grand Rapids MI area and I am starting to notice more pre's out and about.. Anyone else seeing this?? Our paper just put out a reveiw on the plus...good reveiw I thought...every little bit helps!!
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    Here in Atlanta, i've only seen TWO Pres out in the streets since June. TWO.
    I'm not joking.
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    I live In tallahasse Florida, A small city I saw 3 in one month! And I know of 5 others that have it. woot
    Live the Pre life.
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    yeah, at my high school i saw tons of them
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    i saw 3 but they were all in a sprint store
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    i saw 3 but they were all in a sprint store
    I hereby dub thee: Negative Nancy.
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    Live in San Francisco and have yet to see a single Pre. Everyone either has an iPhone or Droid. =( I'd say about 75% of the people I see have iPhones.
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    where i live i have never seen a person with a palm pre besides me.
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    I've only seen two of them at my school. A sales rep had one at the sprint store. And i have yet to see someone with a pixi.
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    I live in central florida and have not seen anyone else with a pre, and I only personally know 1 person with a pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Here in Atlanta, i've only seen TWO Pres out in the streets since June. TWO.
    I'm not joking.
    Weird Im from NY but bought my pre in ATL on launch day. I was 4th in line at BB(where they had 4 HA!) and every other store in the area was sold out that day as well.
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    I saw one person on the train in philly with one, and tonight at the gym a guy had some suspiciously pre looking headphones in his ears while he was putting some sort of apple product into his bag(not using it). I'm still trying to figure that one out.
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    In KC (granted, sprint hq here), but was out at dinner the other night, and within 2 hours saw 4 pre's. Definitely many more than I have been seeing in the months before this.
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    4 at my work alone!
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    i have one in singapore and i saw someone in hong kong with one!
    international launch please! especially the pixi!
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    I have seen 5 other people with pres, and someone with a pixi. I know they're out here...somewhere
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    Im having issues with putting the web os onto my computer....Ive tried it on three different computers and I am still getting the same screen when I try to pull it up, after the reset process.....HELP!!
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    i live in miami and my gf is the only one that has one and ive seen 2 more pre' school and at a mall

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    I'm out in Jersey... Had a bartender ask me about my phone ... He told me he had just upgrade to a pre... Lol
    I got so psyched I gave him the whole preware precentral he was over whelmed so I gave him my # and told em I would hook'em up lol then suddenly two other people at the overheard me at the bar and showed me their pre's lmao looks like I will be customizing three pre's this weeken... Lol
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    I saw one in the wild ever since I bought the pre which was 7 months ago.
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