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    See them out here in the wild every now and then here in Socal.
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    3. no pixi. pre is great but a lot of people are not aware on great or just ignorant to try it. i have to say where i live in wisconsin are mainly freaking rednecks around so they still have flip phone and stuff are on alltel so they have verizon and then they are to cheap to spend a lot on money and want those cheap phone wisconsin sucks eggs anyway. i saw 7 in the twin cities minnesota
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Here in Atlanta, i've only seen TWO Pres out in the streets since June. TWO.
    I'm not joking.
    Really? I seen way more then that.
    I can recall 2 people Ive seen with them in the last week and a half.
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    I'm from S. florida, and this past weekend I flew to North Carolina. At the Ft Lauderdale airport, while waiting in the security line, my Pre's notification went off, and the lady in front of me reached into her purse for her phone. It was a Pre. I commented to her that it was probably mine she heard. Asked her how she like the Pre, and she stated she loved it. On the plane, while making my way back to row 27, I saw another person using one who was already seated. Finally, while visiting a science museum in Charlotte, I walked by a young woman texting with a Pre.

    I was not looking for people with Pre's, but rather just happened to notice them. They certainly seem to be popping up more... at least in my world ;-)
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    I live in the southern part of NJ. I Bought my Pre+ from the verizon web store so I wouldnt have to deal with the mail in rebate. So far, I have never seen anyone with a Pre or Pre+ in my area except mine.

    Edit: I think I'm gonna head over to the apple store next week and hang out in front of the store listening to my Zune HD and checking emails on my Pre+
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Hyde View Post
    Edit: I think I'm gonna head over to the apple store next week and hang out in front of the store listening to my Zune HD and checking emails on my Pre+
    +1 Sounds like you have a setup like mine
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    over here in the uk were i am iv never seen another pre other than mine. always plenty of people looking at them in the o2 store and the pre has its own display but no one over here knows what the pre is about such a shame.
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    8 of em just among my family and friends.

    Im in Los Angeles and San Diego and have seen more around lately, at least 2 a week lately.
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    my counter terrorism team was issued them recently and we love them. but outside of work i still don't see them that often at all.
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    i live in central new york and they are everywhere around here, ive seen only like 3 droids lol people around here love the pre, seen a ton of pixi's too

    it seems every time i pull either of my phones out someone comes up and asks if ive homebrewed and tell em yeah, it makes it like a different phone, you should try it.

    the sprint stores(retail) and radio shacks actually tell everyone about and use em themselves
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdog197804 View Post
    I live in the Grand Rapids MI area and I am starting to notice more pre's out and about.. Anyone else seeing this?? Our paper just put out a reveiw on the plus...good reveiw I thought...every little bit helps!!
    Not according to this article: comScore Reports December 2009 US Mobile Subscriber Market Share
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    This report was done before the plus release??...
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    I have only seen one in the wild, another guy in my neighborhood. And the other day I convinced a coworker to go with the Pre...he ordered two. So that brings the total to three.

    Now, I can say that I rarely see any phones unless they are actually being used. So there is no telling what is lurking in someone's pocket or holster. The only phone I see regularly is the iPhones. For some reason everyone with an iPhone feels the need to pull it out and lay it on the table. I am guessing it is an iPhone, look at me, I carry an iPhone!

    So from here on out...I am placing my Pre on the table, counter, desk, etc. wherever I go!
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    Ha! +1 I am already that guy!!!
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    I've never seen one, but then, it isn't sold in Austria anyways, and I am the only one crazy enough to import it from OČ Germany myself
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    Was on my way to the bars one friday night and on the bus I saw a lady with a Pixi, and another guy with a Pre. I was using my Pre and happened to look up and there they were. Previously I'd seen only one on the same bus route, and another in Omaha, where I was visiting friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdog197804 View Post
    This report was done before the plus release??...
    Yep, just a reminder of some history you've clearly forgotten. Add to that recent analysis and today's admission by Palm that sales have fallen off significantly - Palm is losing ground as their Q3FY10 numbers will show you next month when they're released.
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