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    I have the Pioneer AVIC Z110BT installed in my car and it comes with the iPod usb interface so you can control your iPod from the touch screen on the Pioneer unit. I was wondering if it was possible to trick the Pioneer unit into thinking my Pre was an iPod, similar to the way it uses iTunes. Any ideas?
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    when I plug in my Pre, the screen says "usb device not recognized"
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    Complete shot in the dark here, but when you plug in your Pre, does it show you the standard options of Media Sync, USB Drive and Just Charge? If so, which are you choosing and have you tried a different option? If not, then I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done. Does the stereo say whether it is compatible with any other non-Ipod USB drives?
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    Some head units have a blue-tooth add-on, that would do what you want. The pre doesn't act like an ipod to dock with speakers etc., it only used to sync like one.
    Otherwise you just have to use the Aux input if you have one.
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    If your pioneer can read standard flash drives, and just play the music off of them based on the folder structure try that. I can do this with the mygig in my charger. I just put the phone in USB Drive Mode.
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    But...when your phone is in USB drive mode, you cannot receive or make phone calls. Go with the bluetooth or Aux jack for full functionality.
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