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    My original Pre (got it in late June of '09) needs a replacement since a nasty crack has grown from the corner of the micro-USB port across the screen about an inch now. I have insurance, so that's not a problem replacing it.

    But I know that just relying on the "cloud" restoring everything on my phone when I replace it won't bring back everything. What else do I need to backup/restore manually and are there any tools that would help? Will it remember what apps I downloaded and/or previously paid for?

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    it will backup apps and contacts for sure
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    you should back up pics and should reload apps and contacts, although some have reported problems with cloud backup so i'd backup contacts just in case....
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    Personally, I'd play it safe & backup everything on the USB to a folder on your desktop then use WOSQI to backup PalmDatabase.db file as well. Just do a search on PalmDatabase and the post with detailed instructions should pop up. Just be aware unless it's been updated when you go to put the file back on your Pre leave off the /PalmDatabase.db at the end as that is the file name and not the folder you're copying to.
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    Apps, contacts, calendars, launcher pages, tasks, notes and Synergy are all backed up. App DATA [high scores, etc], call logs, music, pictures. videos and text messages are not. Those need to be copied over to your computer.
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    Thanks for the help!

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