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    I love it that Pandora uses the notification bar. Is there any other programs that uses it? I really wish Grooveshark had it. And if they would make a fast forward and rewind, it would be perfect!
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    Good question! The notification bar is still one of my favourite parts of WebOS
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    Love the Notification bar
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    I do find the Pandora's notification bar kind of annoying though, I wish it would remember when I swipe it away to not pop it up again, especially because it is strangely slow.
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    grooveshark is so freaking sweet. They'll most likely release an update that takes advantage of the dashboard notification
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    I think that Weather Dashboard makes great use of the notification bar. You can get regular weather updates, tap to see forecasts, and minimize or swipe away until next update.
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    love the notification bar! And I 100% agree about pandora. It's dashboard bar is the worst....really slow and pops up even when not in card view

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