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    while this thread made me laugh--that kid especially--video ring tones are actually a legit request and something common on a lot of phones. not exactly silly enough to dogpile on the guy for ;P
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddK View Post
    <I'm a grumpy old b a s t a r d who can't understand how a video playing on a screen in my pocket (where you can't see it) would enhance the ring tone experience. Something tells me it not just us old people who feel this way. >

    It's fine you feel that way, but why do you feel the need to clutter the thread with such useless A-hole posts?

    If you have nothing helpful to add, just STFU, and move on.

    I think, spoken caller ID, or, the option to play a short video clip, would/could be a neat option for those who would want to use it.

    But, if I felt differently, I wouldn't waste everyone's time, littering the tread by letting people know I thought it was stupid idea, cause, well, that would be anti-social, and rude. each his own, you know?
    I think the term "chill pill" would apply in this situation.

    On a side-note, I really wish there was spoken caller-id...I had that on my ****ty Voyager and I want it back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    What??? I really couldn't understand your post can you type it again please.
    ^^^So then you delete the video to put other media on the phone and you have to go fix all your ring tones? Sounds like a nightmare.
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    We already have contact photo images appear with the ring tone, and I think that is cool and even useful . I don't see this as being a huge stretch beyond static photos. Some people will be really impressed by this -- others (especially people on this forum) will find the videos irritating.

    Different strokes for different folks. I'm sure there was a time when people thought different ring tones was irritating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    ^^^So then you delete the video to put other media on the phone and you have to go fix all your ring tones? Sounds like a nightmare.
    You wouldn't have to delete the video. You do everything from the phone.

    My idea of it would be to be able to add the video to the ringtone section while also allowing it to stay in the video section. Then you can select it like a normal audio ringtone and when someone calls you can hear/see it. It would work just like a normal ringtone. The same way you put ringtones on your phone you can put video ringtones on your phone. It's the same process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by callmechewy View Post
    I think the term "chill pill" would apply in this situation.

    On a side-note, I really wish there was spoken caller-id...I had that on my ****ty Voyager and I want it back!
    well chewy, I'm getting a little tired of people ripping other people to shreds, just because someone asks about a feature, or has an idea, that someone else doesn't think is useful, or just doesn't understand.

    I always like to try and understand and respect other peoples ideas, and opinions, even if I don't agree with them.

    ...but, that's just me, and I'm clearly in the minority around here.
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    What I want to see is animated/video backgrounds like jail broken iphones ipod touches have. That would be worthy of discussion.
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    i think what he means is to have the option to use VIDEOS as ringtones, not just to watch the video while someone is calling (which i find useless) but just to have more ringtones available.

    for example, you have a video on your phone, but u dnt have the song from that video, u could just get the part u like from the video and use it instead of looking for the mp3. simple.

    the idea isnt that great, it isnt that useful...but its something that some ppl will like, personally i dont care but who cares anyways...its just an idea.
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    I used to have this feature on a phone I had..

    Usually I would use a video i made of my friend while we were drunk and use it as his ring tone. It was actually pretty cool.

    im guessing all the people talking crap might still be using monophonic ring tones... instead of mp3's..

    " you mean you want to hear the lyrics.. when you can just hear the beat ?? "
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    i wan 33...that is such an awsome feature...i used to have a phone that did the video ring played videos that i recorded with the phone that i could use as a video ring was girl had her own video, and some of my friends had thiers own too...i had some good clips!! i want I WANT!!!!!!

    if your too old to understand..then maybe you should listen more and talk less...bashing get no where, and i dont consider myself to be old....again i am 33! im young at heart!
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    Why do we need a practical reason. What about, just because?

    And I'm probably older than many of you.
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    Guys, if koolkid09 would like to have a screntone and there are others that like it too then I am sure that there are some developer that would create a patch and that is the reason why I love the Pre. We can request anything that we think is cool and if we can do it our self we will or else we hope that a developer think it is cool to.

    ryleyinst, I always like you posting since I can read all the humor into it and I think you do some of the posting just because you can and we should all see the world for as funny as it really is.

    Now think of the advertisement “…can you phone do that?”

    Now is there a way that we can help stueybuk?
    Bjarne Winkler
    ==> Pre: There's a patch for that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne View Post
    ryleyinst, I always like you posting since I can read all the humor into it and I think you do some of the posting just because you can and we should all see the world for as funny as it really is.
    Exactly...if someone is taking me seriously they aren't doing it right.

    "Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just do things."
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    Last night I was trying to figure out where I would and could use the screentone and I concluded that when I go to meeting I in general have the Pre in front of me on vibrate. Yes I do take notes on the Pre from the meeting. I could assign special screentone that will give me a graphic motion when important calls are arriving to the Pre where as none important or not known call would just do the normal screen change indicating a call is trying to get to you. If designed correctly the screentone would at that time have a value – I think.

    ryleyinstl, now I get that bacon part in the early posting. I see advertisement when the dog running around saying “bacon, bacon, bacon” and it is not bacon.
    Bjarne Winkler
    ==> Pre: There's a patch for that!
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    ^^^I'm following you I think. Not a movie but perhaps a flashing white/black type deal. Strobe light in effect. Something like that could get your attention in the boardroom without the need for vibrating on the table and would not appear childish.

    As far as the bacon goes, I think bennyandthesets brought it up purely due to it's extremely awesome ability to be the best food ever in all situations.
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    ryleyinstl, now you are thinking. Color could scale the level of the importantly of the call; wild red light means the lady that cannot be ignored, orange could be used for God if (s)he calls. More toned down colors or action would be for less of important but still need your attention like the $1M order you are waiting for.

    One thing I have learned over the years. Listen to young people since they can think outside the donut. Listen to older people since they have been there and done that so one can learn. Combine the two and one could have a new and better world / product / life style.

    Since I do not eat meat nor does my dog I am not sure about the Bacon and best food (always had the idea that eggs was), but my dog do love the faked stuff and still thinks it is bacon.

    By the way thanks for getting me to go back and convert the old record Popcorn to MP3 so now I can really iterate the people here at Pete’s coffee.
    Bjarne Winkler
    ==> Pre: There's a patch for that!
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    As some of you in this thread don't seem to have a clue what the videotones are really about, here is a good example I have used on my Nokia phone.
    When installed, video clips show up in the ringtone list. You just select a video clip - or an ordinary ringtone, it's completely up to you.
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    useful no, cool yeah! im 23 idk if that make me part of the old crowd or the youngsters BUT i wud use it if i had it why not. instead of having a static pic of my mom when she calls, i can have a vid clip of her or something idk. probably not with audio because i like my ring tones. OR i would have a sexy vid of my GF when she calls wait what if they steal my phone or i lose it.... dammit lol either way like i said if i had it i would use it if not ehh.
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    Video would probably kill the battery much faster. I probably wouldn't use this myself, but maybe it'd make more sense to have it be conditional. Like, if the phone is on the charger, or on the Touchstone, then do a video, otherwise do just the audio. That might be a little too complicated though.

    But anyway, you're can to view video within another app (aka other than the video player, such as in the incoming call notification) using HTML5. The problem is that video only works in landscape mode, so it'd probably not work very well for using for ringtones.
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    This was a "fun feature" being pushed on a lot of the color screen phones when those were new. The novelty wore off almost instantly.
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