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    Im sorry but the "oreo" effect has happened to every slider I have ever had. The pre is no different. Its just what happens to sliding phones over time and not something youll get away from with another phone.
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    I vote "sticky"

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    Added Fix #10 to help people with "some" post 1.4 update issues
    "I'm sorry your phone is smarter than you"
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    Today my phone got stock on headphone mode and I got to use 3) EARPIECE AND PROXIMITY SENSOR STOPPED WORKING!

    The method works!!! yeii.

    I actually returned a phone beofre i even knew about this simple fix
    "I'm sorry your phone is smarter than you"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huff View Post
    Dang, I have a problem not on the fix list!

    My speaker/vibrate mode switch is flaky. When I switch it to vibrate the phone vibrates once to tell me I moved the switch. But, it then goes bonkers and starts alternating between vibrating and beeping. My guess is the switch contacts are bad and it thinks I'm rapidly moving the switch back and forth.

    Usually if I allow it to alternate this way for more than a couple seconds the phone will reboot itself or lock up. Other issue is that the battery wears out really quick if I don't notice it.

    Anyone else have this issue?
    Actually, that does sound like a bad switch. That's one of the few things I've seen here (aside from cracks, of course) that can't be fixed by the user. Flipping the switch like that is how you get any Palm phone with the ringer switch to reboot if all else fails.
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    Thank you for a well written trouble shooting post. I realize that the whiners who think they should have a prefect device will say they shouldn't have to do this, and that is their issue, for those of us who realize that most tech products come with some issues and simply would like a way to address them, this is great. Thanks for the effort...and ignore the naysayers who have more than likely returned every tech product they ever owned because it wasn't perfect.
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    You should see my sister's Decoy after nine think the little wiggle on a Pre is bad, this thing won't even stay closed half the time. But yeah, I have this bookmarked, just in case something comes up.
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    I want to thank zx600 for the advice. I was listening to music through headphones last night and then this morning whilst making calls I found to my dismay, no one could hear me, my notification sounds had gone, I could not hear anything through speaker and I must have checked hundreds of times the mute switch. Getting to the stage of divorcing the wife, locking the kids up and phoning O2 for a replacement. Again thank you for the advice. Plugged headphones in again and unplugged with screen lit and bobs your uncle I have sound.
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