You absolutely should not keep the Pre. You should get rid of it immediately. And here's the address to send it to .....

Actually, you asked a valid question, and it's sad that some chose to jump on you for asking. My feeling is that you want to keep the Pre (otherwise you wouldn't have asked for help in making your decision).

If the Pre didn't exist, I would go for a Droid. I like the possibilities and functions that it has, and the availability of apps.

HOWEVER, the Pre does exist. I chose it because of the integration of form and function - specifically, calendar/address book/navigation/phoning. I like being able to type in a name, and being immediately able to phone/text/or get a GPS to their address.

My Pre has quirks (no calendar search? no voice dial?), but it's growing up. And I believe that the potential for WebOS is greater than anything Apple or Google currently have.