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    Everyone has their own way of using their Pre. Some people love to look at the weather while others constantly stream Pandora. I got thinking, what apps do you keep open continuously? As for me:

    -Messaging app
    -Phone app

    Everything else I just open on an as need basis. How bout you?
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    web and preware

    i also have two task and two weather apps running in the background
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    Oddly, none. When my phone is sitting on my desk or in my pocket, I normally have no active apps open.
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    I rarely keep apps open. Since I type to launch, no app is more than a couple seconds away
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    Email, calendar, facebook, twitter

    Still amazes me more people don't operate with apps open all the time.
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    Hmmm ... I am still getting used to my Pre (have had it about two weeks). I am not used to keeping apps open (came from a 700p). I'll have to try it more often and see.

    If I had to guess, I probably use tasks, memos, calendar, and maybe messaging more than anything else. But, I mostly use the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spare View Post
    web and preware
    When you keep Preware open, do the feeds update every so often or do you have to manually click a button to update? Never thought about keeping Preware open all the time...
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    Email, Pandora and Web (T|C/P|C)
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    nothing. nothing is needed to be opened 24/7
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    Calendar, Tasks, Email, Newsroom, AmpachePre, and sometimes wIRC

    Been trying to keep apps open more the past few days. So far, so good. Its quicker to switch between apps than to re open them. Plus, now I feel like i'm using the phone how it was meant to be used. I open my apps every morning, and my phone is set to reboot every night
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    I often have calendar or mail open -- but I don't keep anything open all the time.
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    Email, Messaging, Scoop, and drPodder. Most of my apps I open when I need it, and keep it open because I usually have to go back to it. Lately, I've been keeping the Update app open! And now that it has background Garbage Collecting, JSJSJS $Top$!
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    I like to close everything after im done using it. I know it isnt nessesary but I'm just a bit ocd with my phone and like to have everything closed
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    email, messaging, calendar, tasks (would love task integration into the calendar like Datebk on Palm OS)
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    nada. I like the Clean look. I did see clear cards and installed the free version but i dont have a problem with load times on my pre so keep it fresh
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    Usually nothing. However, there are times at home when Word Whirl stays open! Now that ePocrates is out (YAY!!!), it stays open all workday.
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    For me it's typically email open. If I find that I am doing a lot of an activity then I'll leave a card open, like phone, calendar, messaging. Usually, depending on what I am planning on doing I will open them and leave them open until I think I am done for a while but email is a constant for me throughout the day and often messaging too.
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    I used to open and close each app each time I used it because I want to be able to see my backgrounds every time I open my phone. I use switcharoo free and have hundreds of pictures in the folder for new backgrounds hourly - I love it! Once ClearCard came out (thanks enormously to the dev) I now leave apps open:

    Epocrates! Finally!

    Once the full epocrates comes out Wapedia will go away bc I will be able to look up diseases on epocrates. Can't wait for that!
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    My favorite configuration: Messaging, Email, Calendar. In that order. They often get shuffled around, but I re-set them when they do. Those are the three apps I use most often, so I like having them available at a moment's notice.

    But at least once a day I do cave in to the OCD desire to toss everything away and look at the clean desktop.
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    Haha it's fun to see how different people are with their phones. A lot of times I forget that I even have artwork behind the cards since I never see it. I'm toying with the idea of getting Clear Card, but I can't decide if it'll look weird seeing the edges of two open apps on both sides of the clear card...
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