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    powering down? I've searched the forum and didn't find the answer. My power button was stuck and not working so I took it to Sprint. They looked at it and ordered me a new one.(They are sending that to me by tomorrow) While inspecting it, they took out the battery. As most of you know, when holding the power button there's a option to shut down to change battery. What happens if he took the battery out without doing that?

    My phone has been stuck on the palm loading screen for the past 45 minutes.

    And I would be pretty PO'd if I lost all my contacts. So does anyone know what I should be expecting when and if it loads back up?
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    nothing just take out the battery you will be fine.
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    You have a chance of corrupting data, but it sounds like you could already be suffering from that. It's nothing a use of the Dr. couldn't fix, unless it's a personal file then it could be unrecoverable, but that's unlikely.
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    Most of time I imagine it's just fine. However, if your Pre was in the process of doing something unsafe, where it was assumed that the process would complete, then you could have a problem. Good developers avoid getting into this situation, but I'm sure that even Palm has code where things can't be gracefully rolled back.

    When the Pre first came out, a Sprint rep on their "buzzaboutwireless" site said that if you remove the battery without a proper shutdown, the network may not receive proper notification of what happened to your device. She said that this could adversely affect the Sprint network (which might flood "where are you?" messages to a device that won't answer) or it could cause your device not to be recognized when you put the battery back (because Sprint, not wanting their network taken down by people removing batteries, will cut you off). Seemed like bunk to me then as well as now.

    The bigger issue, I've found, is that in some Pre models, removing the battery can cause the battery to break. The plastic casing around the actually battery has cracked on mine because the battery was in too tight. Sprint's answer (I have insurance): we don't cover batteries and this is clearly you abusing your device, so you'd better go away.

    Short answer: if you need to remove the battery, go ahead. At worst, you'll have to recover from backup. Yes, Palm Backup isn't perfect...

    Also, if you're still seeing the loading screen after 45 minutes, best to take the battery out again. I've had this happen, where the Palm loading screen never goes away. If I do a battery pull, it then boots up just fine.
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    I just took the battery out again since it was still on the Palm loading screen. We will see how round two goes.
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    Alright it booted back up. Nothing to see here guys. Thanks a lot. The 45 minute loading time was getting me a bit worried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwm3 View Post
    Alright it booted back up. Nothing to see here guys. Thanks a lot. The 45 minute loading time was getting me a bit worried.
    yeah mine does that some times when I remove the batter. I usually have to do the orange+sym+r and reboot it a second time and it will boot fine. It only seems to get stuck on the palm logo when I pull the battery. Normal reboots are fine.
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    I have popped mine out without shutting down several times and no adverse effects. Maybe lucky, but now I try and go throught the shutdown proceedure. When I had my Treo, I don't think there was a shutdown proceedure so I didn't bother looking on the Pre. I got 5 batteries, run one down and slam a new one in.
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