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    is there anyway to completely erase the pre? I can't doctor, and I can't seem to remove my theme
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    you can go to the device info and then reset options.

    full and partial erase are available with a description of each.

    what is the problem with the theme

    have you tried re-installing and then uninstalling it?

    often times if you use webos QI you can remove a stubborn theme, or if it still is on, but says it is un-installed, re-install the theme, and then uninstall it.

    hope that helps.
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    only way to fix your theme would be to dr it. Full erase still uses system files on your device which you have now altered.
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    yeah but even a DRing doesnt work heh
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    Can you explain why WebOS Doctor is not working for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by odm4286 View Post
    yeah but even a DRing doesnt work heh
    Try doctoring with the 1.2.1 doctor or earlier. Then do an OTA update back to
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    turn OFF backup, then re-run doctor again.

    should fix you up
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    I hav delt with the sam issue, use doctor 1.2.1 or ealier and it will remove everything. After that you can either re-doctor with or just update to using the update tool.

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