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    so this happened to me last night. i was at 80% battery life last night, so i decided to charge it. I woke up this morning like i do every morning, lol looked at my phone and it was down 5%. NOW i know what u guys may say, i made sure it was charged, it turned blue, and it made that sound. soooooo whats that about? Has this happened to any one?
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    were u charging it via wall outlet? usb? touchstone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnote1287 View Post
    were u charging it via wall outlet? usb? touchstone?

    wall outlet
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    I'm going to assume you have restarted the device to assure it was not a glitch in the battery meter?

    If you reconnect it again today does it work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven_Speed View Post
    wall outlet
    Have you paid your electricity bill? Do the lights come on when you flip the switch?

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    ive noticed my wall charger has been taking A LOT longer to charge then normal.
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    It happens quite often to me in my work vehicle. Sometimes just re-arranging the position of the charger works to fix it, and sometimes i actually have to reboot the phone to get it back to normal charging.
    It never happened in my personal car or at home though.
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    Newbie here, so just joined up. Got a palm pre locked to o2, got rebel sim, got touchstone dock-not good. Not only is the dock not charging, it often flicks between charging and not charging and turning on the screen light but it also seems to drain my battery!!!??? Good thing iv got a spare battery from my centro but can someone tell me wot is going on?

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