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    Hi guys. first time with a palm.. just got the palm pre plus with verizon. I looked on the forum before posting these questions...

    I set up an IMAP email account and I'm trying to download pictures that were in an email and each time I try it says "socket timed out." any remedies?

    I have a lot of friends on my facebook that I don't want as contacts in my phone. So when I click add account on contacts and click facebook it adds every single facebook friend i have to my contacts list, and then when I try to delete the ones i dont want, it says I can't delete from facebook. Any ideas?? Please let me know guys. sorry if this is redundant.
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    With the facebook issues you can either add all of them or add none of them. no bein choosey (yet)
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    jeesh really?! that sucks lol. also, the facebook app on the app catalog is AWFUL. and theres no ebay app or anything like htat? with this preware and all the other housebrews, are there apps that correct this? last question i swear lol. thanks in advance
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    for now you could use until an actual app comes along. Not great but works ok.

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